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    The shipping industry, by its very nature, is the most globalised and highly regulated industry of all having a long list of stakeholders in its supply chain. This creates many difficulties for the shipping industry when attempting to satisfy the punitive demands of all its stakeholders. Seacon is committed to being an industry leader in technical and environmental research and to participating in discussions with relevant authorities, in order to develop measures to increase safety and minimise industry impact on the environment. To establish ourselves as the leaders in our field, through the continuous development and improvement of the business operations, health, safety and quality standards of our growing fleet. We constantly strive to safeguard the interests of our stakeholders.

    For its Employees, Seacon cultivates a workplace focused on respect, equality, safety and merit, and offers training opportunities, in order to facilitate their personal and professional development, resulting in the best possible working conditions.
    For Society, Seacon combines its business success with our country's and partners' development, as well as to support local communities affected by its operations, in order to contribute to improving the quality of life and prosperity of society in general. Our company fosters social responsibility through regular financial contributions to various non-profit, social welfare organizations, philanthropic foundations and NGOs. Our public benefit initiatives include, among others, local community contributions & grants, volunteering activities, public health & educational initiatives, sponsorships. We are also committed to supporting the new generation by providing numerous opportunities to enhance their employability in the shipping industry. In particular, we organize educational initiatives and career development events, maintaining a fruitful collaboration with various universities, student networks and youth programs. Our people are fundamental to our success and we are committed to empowering them to perform at their best. We provide them with a working environment and benefits that support their future and we invest in their growth and development.
    For its Customers, Seacon strives to meet their needs and expectations during their journey. Endeavour to ensure that stakeholders have confidence in the decision-making and management processes of the service provided, by the conduct and professionalism of all staff. Seacon do this by continually training and developing its staff both ashore and onshore.
    For the Environment, Seacon is committed to integrate sustainable development in its operations and to apply environmentally friendlier business practices, in order to reduce, where feasible, its environmental impacts. In the spirit of doing everything in our power to maintain sustainable operations at sea, always functioning with the outmost respect for sea life, Seacon adheres to strict internal environmental policies and efficiency targets, beyond the requirements of rules and regulations imposed by the maritime industry. We recognize environmental management as our top priority and an integral factor towards sustainable development. We develop, implement and maintain processes & procedures aimed at maintaining clean seas, free from pollutants damaging to sea life. We constantly ensure that awareness is raised within our organization, encouraging respect for the environment and promoting an attitude of responsibility towards environmental matters. We also promote environmental consciousness by raising awareness and encouraging our employees to contribute to a sustainable future by acquiring some everyday habits, such as recycling and minimizing waste. We have made it our company’s mission to strive towards the achievement of maximum energy efficiency. We set ambitious energy consumption targets of our own initiative, always aiming towards maximizing energy performance, beyond the obligatory requirements of the industry’s international standards (ISO 50001).
    Seacon sets as a priority and is interested in developing constructive, long-term relationships with quality ship owners, oil majors, regulators, classification societies, trade associations, academic research centers and non-governmental organizations in order to provide sustainable shipping. Seacon works closely with thousands of local businesses, such as suppliers and port agents, applying strict principles related to transparency and an ethical way of working. Our focus on creating long-term win-win relationships helps local partners grow hand-in-hand with Seacon.
    Seacon focuses on society, supporting a variety of organizations that help vulnerable social groups.  Seacon offers a scholarship program for the children and grandchildren of its employees and sponsored many educational and cultural initiatives.
    Seacon has collaborated with the Qingdao University and other institutions in order to contribute to the education of shipping students, by encouraging academic visits to its premises worldwide, by providing students with the opportunity to undertake specific projects related to the operations of a modern ship management company and by providing students with internship opportunities and other international internship programs through the local offices worldwide.

    Finally, Seacon participates through its representatives in several scientific fora such as Capital Link, Tradewinds, Marine Money and others, presenting the experience of a modern ship operator, facing all new challenges in shipping.

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