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      Seacon Ships Management Co., Limited is a specialized third-party ship management company under Seacon Shipping Group. The management and operation center is located in Qingdao, with branches or representative offices in Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen, Zhoushan, Fuzhou, Yantai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Greece, Hamburg and Tokyo.

      Thanks to the considerate services of the company's global network, Seacon can guarantee customers’ ship assets in the most economical way. We ensure that our customers’ ships are in the best condition in terms of maintenance, machinery, technology and crew management to ensure that the ship's assets are at their best.

      After nearly 20 years of development in ship management business, Seacon has now become the largest third-party ship management company in China, managing and operating 150 vessels, with a total DWT of 5 million tons and 16 vessels under construction supervision.

      The company is a member of the technical committees of many classification societies such as CCS, NK and BV, etc. Vice President Unit of Shandong Seafarer Service Association and Qingdao Captains Association, Executive Committee of Qingdao Federation of Industry and Commerce, School-Enterprise Cooperation Director Units of many maritime colleges and universities. In 2018, Seacon was named China’s “Most Popular Ship Management Company”.

      At present, Seacon has obtained various DOCs issued by China MSA and classification societies. Its management covers ships under flags of China, Panama, Marshall, Liberia, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other flags. Ship types under its management include bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, passenger ships, general cargo ships, timber carriers, multi-purpose vessels, container ships, public service ships, etc.

      SEACON has passed successfully many RightShip inspections, maintaining 5-star rating in most of its managed vessels and prepared well in advanced for the forthcoming BMSA by the end of this year. TMSA and SIRE approvals exist for the whole wet fleet.” Its ship safety management system(SMS) has passed ISO9001 quality certification.

      We believe that the quality of the management team is the most powerful guarantee for the company’s development. Therefore, our management and core team are from well-known shipowners and management companies at home and abroad. At present, the management team is built up of about 100 Senior Supervisors, including 51 Technical Supervisors, 28 Marine Supervisors,2 Quality Supervisors and 7 Crew Supervisors.All of them are graduates from internationally renowned maritime colleges and possess rich experiences in navigation, engineering and ship management.

      Relying on its own advantages of “International Standard, Local Advantage”, Seacon attaches great importance to scientific management and reasonable allocation. On the premise of ensuring safety, Seacon increases income and reduces expenditure in a scientific and reasonable way through measures of large-scale procurement, bidding &purchasing, encouraging self-repair, saving oil & energy.

      “Management Creates Value” is always the management concept of Seacon and it is committed to providing safe, efficient and reliable “One-Stop" ship management services for global customers.

      We provide “One-Stop" ship management services:

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