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    Seacon is a Class A crew service agency and crew manning agency approved by the Ministry of Transport. It is committed to offering various crew manning services such as full set, individual dispatching, etc. mainly for container ships, general cargo ships, bulk carriers, oil tankers, chemical tankers, passenger ships and public service ships.

    At present,Seacon has dispatched full set crew teams for 113 ships, managing more than 4,500 crew members.

    We believe that the first-class crew is the foundation for business success, so we’ve always attached great importance to crew’s recruitment and training. At present, the company has set up crew recruitment and training bases in Qingdao, Yangon, Hanoi, etc.

    Seacon has been focusing on the development of school-enterprise cooperation, training excellent maritime college students to join Seacon’s fleet. It has set up a “Seacon Titled Class” in Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College and the current student-scale has come up to 222 in school; The company signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Shandong Transport Vocational College and joined its Marine Engineering Technology “Sandwich Class” internship program of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering Collage; The Qingdao Harbour Vocational& Technical College-Seacon cooperation project won the Special Prize of 2018 Vocational Education Teaching Award of Shandong Province.

    Crew Management

    Crew Recruitment

    Crew Training

    Certificates Management

    Crew Assessment

    Crew Insurance

    Crew Welfare

    In accordance with the ILO Conventions and relevant state regulations and taking the actual business scope, operation mode and manning scale as basis, Seacon has established a sound manning system including Crew Service Quality Management, Education & Training , Staff & Resource Guarantee, Service Report and Emergency Handling. It also established a standard Management & Operation Mode covering Customer Credit Investigation, Manning Project Review, Crew Selection, Dispatching and its Subsequent Management.

    Seacon has been committed to comprehensively improve the overall quality of the company's crew, to create its crew brand and form a high-quality crew team that can adapt to the requirements of international crew manning market with strong competitiveness.

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