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    Sunny Marine Service Co., Ltd was established in 2003, the head office locates in Qingdao, and provide provision, food, spare parts, publication & charts, ship repair and inspection service. Our service network covers all the ports and shipyards in China.

    Provision Supplying

    Provision of E/R ? Deck ? Galley ? Electrical ? Safety ? Medicine

    Food Supplying

    Vegetables, Fruit, Western food, Staple food, Condiments, Tobacco and Drinks

    Spare Parts Supplying

    M/E, G/E, Turbo-charge, Oil Separator, Air Compressor, Refrigerator, Pump, F/W Generator, Exchange heating, Incinerator, Boiler, Oil-Water Separator.

    Publication and charts

    IMO regulation and ship's poster, nautical charts & publications,crew exam books, all kinds of log book. Specifically the books related to ISM, providing comprehensive supporting books & publications for shipping companies.
    1. Chinese edition, English edition, Australian edition, Japanese edition charts and publications.
    2. All kinds of log book, label, record book, record paper.

    Ship repair and inspection

    1. Automation service, M/E & A/E monitoring system, M/E remote control system, Aux. boiler/oily water separator/purifier/fresh water generator/incinerator/fire alarm/water ingress alarm system automatic control, M/E & A/E F.O viscosity detection/indication control system, C.O.T high level/overflow alarm system, etc.
    2. Life saving and Fire fighting service, fixed fire extinguish system, fire extinguisher, SCBA, immersion suit, EEBD, life boat and life-raft inspection/test/ repair/supply.
    3. Hydraulic engineering service, hydraulic equipment and system like crane, windlass, steering gear, hatch cover control system, hydraulic motor, pump and cylinder recondition. 4. Marine navigation and communication equipment inspection/repair.
    5. Steel works. General steel work repair like main deck plate, shell, hatch-cover, etc.

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