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    Seacon has an experienced newbuilding and ship reconstruction supervision team to provide one-stop ship supervision services.

    Newbuilding Supervision Services: From the initial feasibility analysis to ship operation, Seacon can provide full chain professional support services. At present, it supervises the construction of more than 30 ships, including: bulk carriers, chemical tankers and other types of ships.

    Evaluation and Selection of Shipyard
    Review of Ship Technical Specification and Shipbuilding Contract
    Review of Drawings and Equipment
    On-site Supervision
    Commissioning and Sea Trials
    Ship Delivery
    Warranty Operation

    Dock Reconstruction and Ship Damage Repair: Ship condition inspection before docking and evaluation report issue; Shipyard evaluation and repair project budget accounting; Ship spare parts procurement; Dock engineering cost control and ship project management.

    Inspection Before Docking
    Ship Condition Assessment
    Shipyard Assessment
    Project Management
    Cost Control and Procurement

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