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      Insurance Claims:

      Seacon has a professional maritime insurance team and maintains good partnership with many insurance companies as well as P&I Clubs. Relying on the fleet size and good claim record, the company can provide both legal and technical advices to shipowners to win more competitive premium prices and follow up the whole claim process so as to help customers manage their risks more cost-effectively.


      Relying on strong technical network and customer resources, Seacon cooperates with professional shipbrokers, focusing on new shipbuilding, second-hand ship trading and ship brokerage business for a long time. It has successfully bought and sold nearly 100 ships for customers at home and abroad with its rich experiences and has been hired as an industry consultant by relevant ship investment institutions and banks.

      Financing Arrangement:

      Seacon has established and maintained good cooperative relations with major banks, financing companies, leasing companies and trust funds which operate ship financing. It can assist customers to contact and coordinate such business and has successfully arranged the financing and refinancing of ships under construction, second-hand ships and abandoned ships for many domestic shipowners to ensure their ships operate smoothly.

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